parallel Co-rotating Twin Screw extruder
parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder

——optimal compounding and pelletizing solutions

HKY Series Parallel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

HKY series is introduced to meet market needs. The extruder can be used for various plastic compound and master batch (MB) extrusion. Machine configuration conforms to China and International Standards within this industry, meanwhile third party certification (TüV Rheinland AG) has been passed.


We offer customized solution according to customer’s formula and processing requirements to deal with practical production problems, maximum twin screw extruder performance, obtain highest capacity and finally superior masterbatch or parent granules.


Features and advantages:

   Structure features

       Machine properties


Modular type

Separate control for material plasticizing, dispersing, conveying, pressure build-up and extrusion

Better MB quality

Sectional barrels and screw elements

Free combination

Expand plastic processing range



Tackle feeding and raw material intake limits

HKY patented gearbox

High speed high torque

Maximum machine properties

Separate temperature control

Sectional heating zones

Better pressure and temp.  control to get even shine masterbatch

Vacuum degassing system

Exhaust extra materials

Masterbatch without pore