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Extruder Operation&Maintenance


1. pls check the shipping list before installation

2. pls refer to drawings for installation position of base and each equipments

3. after the machine put into position, install the piping system

4. electrical and electric device installation according to the drawings

Start the machine:

pls refer to Installation and Use Instruction.

start to operate the machine:

carry out each step in the Installation and Use Instruction in sequence. Any problems pls contact us in time.

check and commissioning in operation:

current, screw rotating speed, driving system status, oil teperature and oil pressure, venting and other processing failture refer to Installation and Use Instruction or contact us directly.

stop the machine:

normal stop steps and emergency stop pls refer to Installation and Use Instruction.

Assembly and disassembly of the screws

Twin screw extruder manufactured by us are cordwood strcture, so it is convient to combine according to working needs.During disassembly,discharge the material inside the extruder as much as possible.Then stop the main extruder and auxiliary equipments. Open the switch of the heater to the extrusion head and heaters of each section are still working normally. Specific operation pls refer to Installation and Use Instruction.

Maintenance and repair:

1. there shouldn't any impurities in the material.

2.do not use metal tool to stear the material inside the hopper. 

3. screw can only be started under low rotating speed and idle time should be within 1 minute.

4. change the lubricating oul after every 3000hour running,clean the oil filter and oil suction pipe.

5. check the wear of the screw and barrel after 1000hours running.

6. check the gear, bearings and oil seal every year. First time disassembly the gearbox pls contact us.

7. after each work, clean main extruder and auxiliary equipments in time.